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About Us

At Cem-Tech, our focus is on creating sustainable product solutions using 3D printed concrete. Through our approach of 3D Concrete Print Manufacturing, we incorporate a range of sustainability benefits, such as optimized lean manufacturing that significantly reduces waste and costs in the pre- cast process. We also reduce labor and optimize geometry to use less material overall. Additionally, our process eliminates the need for molds, resulting in fewer materials ending up in landfills. Our approach also includes just-in-time manufacturing and mass customization. And, we capture wastewater and reuse it for cleaning our tools and equipment. Our aim is to provide sustainable solutions that out-perform to specification conventional parts and deliver always on time.

Our optimized mortar JUNO™ offers significant benefits to our customers who are looking to meet their own sustainability goals. By carefully selecting and optimizing the binder technology, filler, and fiber reinforcement, we are able to create high-performing and environmentally friendly products. 

Reduced weight, customization of parts, sustainable solutions, labor and delivery efficiencies, cost effectiveness and a stronger and more water resistant finish part, Cem-Tech strives to provide cutting edge technology to reform conventional deliverables.

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Challenge conventional thinking. No is not an answer. No is a option. There is reason we resist change. There is comfort in what we know, Challenge this.


Creativity opens minds. Independent thinkers become innovators and problem solvers. Outputs are non-obvious, new and innovative.


Courage is the value that makes everything possible.  Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. Make the right choice.

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